20 April 2021

For those who have been following my career shouldn't come as a surprise that I am a huuuuuuge fan of visual arts, and how I always work together with talented artists wherever life takes me.
Now I'm here in Budapest, and had this idea to pimp my Box Sets (as you might know, i'm selling these box sets on my the boxes there are selections of several different albums that people can purchase as a set).
This is how local graphic designer/painter Stark Attila (KuloCity) came into the picture. We also wanted to make this as an arty performance, so we put 16 lids (4x4) together on a wall for Attila to create his design, a big comic-like picture which gives a coherent whole, but also make sense taken apart, as 16 individual art pieces, with these funny faces and instruments and little monsters, you gotta love them!
We also made a video of how the project is being done.
Inside the Super Limited 5 Last Albums Box Set you can find:
DJ VADIM - LOST AND FOUND Exclusive 7” Vinyl SIDE A: Breathe Slow ft Katrina Blackstone, Syross & Governor Tiggy SIDE B: Didn't Cha Know ft Maddy, Add2, Qwazaar, Wes Restless & Pugs Atomz DJ VADIM VS FAT FREDDY'S DROP - FLASHBACK Limited Edition Vinyl LP DJ VADIM & JMAN - LIKKLE MORE : Limited Edition 2 x Vinyl LP Limited Edition 7" Vinyl SIDE A : Heart Attack ft Lasai SIDE B : Good Old Days ft Lasai Limited Edition CD DUBCATCHER 3 - FLAMES UP : Limited Edition 2 x Vinyl LP Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Side A: Dead To Us ft. Mr. Lexx, Instrumental, Acca Side B: Rude Boy ft. Lion D / Raphael / Syross, Instrumental, Acca Limited Edition 7" Vinyl Side A: Yung N Powerful ft. Bay C / Zumbi / Abstract Rude / Irah Side B: Yung N Powerful Instrumental Limited Edition CD DUBCATCHER 2 : Limited Edition 2 x LP Vinyl Limited Edition 7" Vinyl : Side A: Fussing N' Fightin ft. Demolition Man Side B: Fussing N' Fightin Riddim Limited Edition CD DJ VADIM & BLACKSTONE - DOUBLE SIDED : Limited Edition 2 X LP Vinyl Limited Edition CD
Dj Vadim Stickers PLUS an A2 High Quality Poster (signed by Attila and me) of the whole design, and a postcard too.
For me art is never just something you hung up on a is a reproduction of what is happening around is giving life to otherwise monotonous objects, and as you can see I love the concept of 'collectibles', like how an art piece unite people, owning parts of the same artwork all around the globe...