Label: Soulbeats Records Format: Albums Release date: September 2018

Longevity is not a word you hear very much these days. We upscale and upgrade our devices on a daily basis so having a 3 year old phone for a lot of people is ancient. To contemplate a life before social media? wow thats really old school.  Even more so for music where radio playlists are full of LIL this and that, teen sensations and models who now are DJ’s since DJ’g is the new rockstar lifestyle. However going against that stream are some heavyweights. Dr Dre is the worlds biggest hiphop producer , Andy C in drum n bass, David Rodigan in reggae, Carl Cox in Techno & U2 still fill stadiums. None of those are spring chickens but there is still something in being a master. A veteran, having experience and creating and continuing to be creative because of the love of the artform and not b because of trends or social clicks .

This pond may be smaller, less shiny and twinkly, not quiet so sexy as sweet 16 but don’t confuse age with inability. It is once said a master is someone who spends at least 10 thousand hours on their craft.  

So like a kung fu master,  with stealth and skills of a ninja assassin, DJ Vadim returns with album no 15! Yes, that’s 15 full albums not including remix albums, ep’s, singles, mixtapes or special editions… Insane even to contemplate the idea of a modern day artist with so much work who is still prevalent in a time where artists come and go in 2 tweets. Ya hot today and a nobody tomorrow. Flash a little flesh and you get 5 million followers. Well Vadim is not part of that hype machine. No cake throwing  but by the sounds of this album going harder than most people in their starting blocks of their career. He  has somehow carved very much his own path jumping between labels and moulding genres together. this is a sole affair. A vision by a Independista .  the rise of a one man army powerhouse. and what a journey.  it has been from the early days of smoked out beats on Ninja Tune in the 90’s to fully fledged digital dancehall rap of 2018 The Dubcatcher 3 is born. 

DJ Vadim, aka Daddy Vad returns to the Dubcatcher kitchen to super hero fight more babylon baddies with his new army of cohorts. Dancehall digital reggae sit along side hip hop rap and bass music. This isn’t just a re hash of studio 1 or some sort of trap reggae or drill hybrid road rap. This is a futuristic re working from a revamped and relocated Vadim (London to Barcelona) . a re version. A 3.0, an alternate definition of what modern urban music can be from a producer who is seemingly arming his skill set with each album sonically. This time though, Vadim goes to Jamaica bringing dancehall legends and pairing them with rap , roots reggae and soul. the guests read like an a2z of global talent. - Mr. Lexx (Major Lazer) , Suku from dancehall legends Ward 21, BAY-C from TOK, Red Fox & studio 1 legend Earl 16. mix that with UK grime champion Killa P/ Irah (Killa Army), Mr Babylon Dead/ High Focus - Jman Hospitality records newest signing & first official vocalist to the label Inja, Britains got reggae winner 2016 - Claire Angel, one of the UK's reggae legends Macka B, UK drum n bass vocalist of the year and soundsystem legend MC Navigator, newest signee to VIP records Ras Demo aka Demolition man , UK roots reggae singer and former reggae roast host Ramon Judah, New York original raggamuffin Jamalski, Toddla T rum n bassman Serocee, Mr Raggasonic frontman frenchie - Big Red, californian Zumbi (Zion I ), Los Angeles native, Project Blowed & Lowend Theory host Mr. Abstract Rude, Senor Wilson from Barcelona, Tenor Youtman outta Moscow, Raphael and Lion D from Italy, Egyptian German UCee from Bavaria….Phew! 
Thats a global line up. 

“You can't stop the future. You can't rewind the past 
The only way to learn the to press play.” - Jay Asher